Easily find specialized workforces

On Work In Wind you’ll find a range of top talent, from normal GWO technician, specified Siemens technician, blade technician and more.

  • Start searching for what you need. Use the search box to search for that technician you are looking for.
    e.g. can you search for “Siemens tower technician”
  • Work in Wind analyzes your needs. Our search functionality uses data science to highlight the technician which is available and has the right certificates to perform the task.
  • Add certificates. If the freelancer needs an additional certificate, you can add it after the search, and new match will appear.

Can Work in Wind help find freelancers for me?

We are working on a pro service for the company’s so we can handpick the talent you they need.

If you need help to make a booking please call us at +45 42444471

Does Work in Wind screen freelancers?

We have several measures in place to ensure Work in wind is a fair and reliable marketplace. We use multiple means to verify that freelancers are who they say are.

  • Authenticating email addresses.
  • Displaying each freelancer’s job success score and feedback on past projects.
  • Review of certificates.

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to screen prospective freelancers to make sure their skills and experience meet the needs of your project. Work in wind provides Chat and we are working for a video tools for interviewing finalists.

Work efficiently

It’s very important to share the right information to freelancers it’s therefore important to:

  • Inform the freelancer about the job task
  • What should the employee bring?
    – All freelancers usually carry work clothes, helmets and safety shoes, but if you need something extra it is important to inform the freelancer.
  • Travel information
    – It’s important to tell the freelancer how they get to work? Do you pick the freelancer up, or do you book some flight ticket, or do they have to drive by their own car?

Pay easily, with peace for mind

Pay your freelancer by the hour the have used for the project.

When the project is finished or every 14 days the freelancer has to make a time sheet at workinwind.com when we receive this one, we will send you an invoice as you have 7 days to pay.  The freelancers will also add an original signed time sheet to Work in wind from the costumer.

Can I get an official invoice?

Yes, you will always get an invoice for the project.

How do I pay my freelancer and what does it cost?

Work in Wind paying all freelancers simple and secure.

When the job task is finished or every 14 days you will receive an invoice from work in wind as you have 7 days to pay. When you have payed the invoice, Work in Wind will pay the freelancer.

Work in Wind take a fee of 9,5% of the whole cost.

Find your next projects

Work in Wind is a great place to find your next project.

  • Freedom to decide when you want to work.
    On Work in wind you can choose when you want to work in our calendar system
    Maybe you want to work full time, or maybe you just need a small job in the gab bestrewn another job.
    You decide just to remember to always update your calendar.
  • High pay.
    At Work in wind you have the option to choose your own salary at our “set your own payment system”
    As you are booked directly by the companies you have the option of being paid a little more than if you were normally employed.
  • More success.
    The greater the success you have on project the more likely you are to get hired by new clients at Work in Wind.

What projects can I find on Work in Wind?

We have a lot of clients from wind turbine manufacture, service companies and recruitment agencies.  They seek a wide variety of projects across multiple categories. It’s therefor important always have your certificates updated.

– We work for a new system when the companies have the options to post a job direct at Work in Wind.
Where you can search directly.

Get hired quickly

Work in wind makes it easy to connect whit clients.

  • algorithms
    Work in wind’s algorithms highlight project you’re a great fit for.
  • Visibility
    Always keep your certificates and calendar updated to create the best visibility.

How does Work in Wind help me manage my work?

Work in Wind provides a user-friendly platform to decide when you want to work and what you want in payment and get paid at the time.

  • We are working on an app for iPhone and android to make it easier to chat with your costumer.

How can I get hired?

It all starts by creating a profile and add all your certificates and experience.
After that it is very important to update you calendar.
Now your are visible for all companies working in this industry.

  • What happens when I received an inquiry?
    When you get a request and has press approved, a chat will start and you have the option to chat whit the costumer and agree on the last details.
  • What should I bring for the project?
    You must always bring, work clothes, helmet and safety shoes. If there is anything else you need to bring, it is the responsibility of the customer to inform you.

Get paid on time

All project includes payment protection – helping you get paid for all your work.

  • All invoice and payments happen through Work in Wind.

This happens automatically when you upload your timesheet to Work in Wind.
You have to upload your time sheet every 14 days.

What should a pay for using work in wind?

We charge a free of 4,5 % for using the portal.
This part is about to run, market and improve the portal.

How will I get paid by my clients?

All payments are made through Work in wind.
You will receive your payment every 1st of the month to your bank account.

– We are working on at new payment where you can get payed by:

  •  Paypal
  • Payonner
  • Skrill
  • And more.

Ready to get hired?

Ready to hired?