Work in Wind – the Freelance Portal for the Wind Turbine Industry

Nov 28, 2018

We are only and ready to match your skills with the best-suited company!

Work in Wind is a freelance portal, which provides contact between Wind Turbine Technicians and service enterprises  in the field. We call it the UpWork  for the Wind Turbine Industry!

The idea for Work in Wind came to me when I was working as a wind turbine technician myself. I saw how service enterprises  abruptly were in urgent need of workforce for shorter or longer
periods. Simultaneously, I saw how technicians were affected by reduction periods, where there all of a sudden is no work for them in the company. At Work in Wind, we want to fix the gap, so that technicians avoid periods without work, and service enterprises  find the best-suited technicians for specific tasks.

By creating a profile on, you can select via a booking system when you would like to work. You also get to decide how much you want to get paid! In this way, it is possible to earn more than if you were attached to a regular temp agency.

Benefits of the portal:

  • You choose when and where you would like to work
  • You decide how much you want to get paid
  • You become visible for companies in the field

How does the portal work?

Work in Wind provides the contact between you as a technician and the companies.

You pay no fee to create a profile, and you don’t pay a service fee before you have been hired to do a task. You fill out a time sheet and upload it to the system, either when the task is done or every fortnight. Afterward, Work in Wind collect the payment from the company, which is then transferred to your account. In this way, you don’t have to keep track of payments and invoices yourself.

Read more about Work in Wind, and register now!

Best wishes

Jannick Skytte
Work in Wind