Work in Wind – Portal for the Wind Turbine Industry

Nov 28, 2018

We are only and ready to find the best-suited technicians for you!

Work in Wind is a freelance portal, which provides contact between Wind Turbine Technicians and service enterprises  in the field. We call it the UpWork  for the Wind Turbine Industry!

The need to find a specific workforce is large, and more and more service enterprises  experience the difficulty of finding the proper employees with the required certifications and qualifications. This challenge is solved by Work in Wind!

How does the portal work?

As a company, you can search specifically for the technician you need for a specific time period, where you are in lack of workforce. Afterward, you can search exactly for the certificates required to perform the task.

The portal finds a perfect match or someone very close to, and you get an overview of technicians who can work it the selected time period. Moreover, you can also the certificates and resumes of the technicians, and which hourly rate the technicians demand to perform the task.

Thanks to a rating system, you can easily see which rating the technician has received for past tasks.  In this way, you are guaranteed to get the best technician to a price that suits your budget.

What does it cost for the company?

In contrast to a regular recruitment agency, you don’t pay a fee before the technician has completed the work period and the task. If you don’t find a proper profile for the task through Wind in Wind, you don’t pay a service fee and the portal is not an expense for your company.

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