About Us

Work in Wind is a freelance portal, which provides contact between Wind Turbine Technicians and service enterprises  in the field. It’s easy, fast and effective! Work in Wind specializes in finding the technicians with the required certificates and qualifications best suited to the company’s needs.

Jannick Skytte, who is the creator of the portal comes from a background as a wind turbine technician and knows the industry inside out. He is aware of the issues the industry is facing when it comes to working conditions for wind turbine technicians. A big issue for many technicians is reduction periods, where they suddenly are without a job. At the same time, it is a problem for the companies, when they are in need of technicians, but have to go through a time demanding process of finding the technicians with the required certificates and qualifications to perform a specific task. These specific profiles can be very hard to find.

The mission of Work in Wind is to fix the gap in the industry, so both technicians and companies benefit the most from each other. It has to be easy for companies to find the exact technicians they need for a specific time-period. Apart from that, the portal will create the best work conditions for the technicians, so they completely avoid periods without work.

The portal is easy to use, and you don’t pay the service fee before the job is done. In contrast to other recruitment- and temp agencies, the technicians set their own payment and where, and when they want to work. They can easily and rapidly upload all their certificates for potential employers to see. This makes it easy for companies to quickly search and find the technician they need.

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